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Why Become a Chamber Member

By investing in your local Chamber of Commerce, you invest in your own prosperity – both as a business person and as a member of the community. You also gain the benefit of networking, promotion, advocacy and helping to grow our community.

More importantly, you are a member of a strong and diverse network that gives business a voice to all 3 levels of government: municipal, provincial and federal.

On a local (municipal) level Chamber of Commerce has regular contact with local elected officials. Our general meetings are faithfully attended by both Town and County Council members.

On the provincial and federal levels the Chamber of Commerce has influence on the policies our government passes. We are the national leader in public policy and advocacy on business issues.

WDCC Members Get Exclusive Access To

Weekly Member Fan Out

Send your information to be shared in the weekly fan out that reaches all Whitecourt & District Chamber members.

Monthly Member Meetings

Stay informed on businesses in the community. Free to attend.

Business Mixers and Events

Get connected with other Chamber Members.

Social Media Promotions

Help promote your business online.

WDCC Members Can Access ACC and CCC Membership Benefits


Visit the ACC website to view the current value added benefits.


Visit the CCC website to view the available programs and services.

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