Wok Box


“What if we could eat Asian food out of boxes just like in the movies?”

That’s all it took for Wok Box to be born. Shortly after opening in 2004, there was a line around the block. That was the moment when founder Blair Stevens knew he had something very special.

Growing from that solid foundation on Jasper Avenue in Downtown Edmonton, Alberta, we are continually taking our spin on Asian flavour across North America with over 50 stores spanning the continent and one in Qatar. Focusing on providing great flavour with fresh, high quality ingredients, Wok Box is loved by customers young and old.

It’s not just the box that’s fun, fun is infused through every aspect of Wok Box. From our contemporary decor to the annual opportunity to win a trip to Asia, we want to provide our customers with an experience that makes them want to return again and again.

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