Northern Health Advanced Foot Care

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Licensed practical nurse with advanced foot care training providing in-clinic and mobile treatments in Whitecourt and surrounding areas. Initial appointments include relevant health history, medications, lower leg assessment, gait analysis, footwear inspection, review of patient concerns, and the creation of a comprehensive plan of care. From there, the patient can expect foot care services that are centred around best-practice procedures, evidence-based treatments, and referrals to higher-levels of care as needed. Routine, follow-up care will be scheduled based on individual patient need.

Foot care is considered an essential health care service in Alberta, and Northern Health Advanced Foot Care takes this task seriously and professionally. This is not a pedicure, but rather medical maintenance of our most basic asset. Our feet are generally the first area to be neglected during a health crisis, such as post-chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, or after a traumatic accident, for example. Mobility issues related to age and/or trauma can make bending to reach your own feet a difficult task. Patients with neuropathy may be unaware they have corns, calluses, or improperly fitted footwear. This can lead to wound formation, infection, and in the worst case, amputation of a toe or partial resection of the affected foot. The goal of Northern Health Advanced Foot Care is to address these concerns promptly to prevent the development of more severe conditions.

These services are for everyone with feet. This profession has largely been focused on diabetic and aging populations, however, advanced foot care is beneficial for everyone. In addition to your diabetic friend, and elderly mother, we can help athletes of all ages to perform at their peak without fear of pain from callous build-up, corns, and improperly fitted footwear. This increases mobility, physical activity, and reduces the risk of trips and falls. Also, anyone who has dealt with ingrown or involuted nails can benefit from regular foot care, with various treatments available to choose from with a variety of budgets in mind. Fungal infections and warts can be hazardous to your health, and contagious to others, which limits your ability to enjoy public pools, etc. We offer treatments that are pain-free and effective, which can increase your self-esteem and confidence, while keeping those around you safe. Bunions, hammer toes, claw toes, and mallet toes can all make finding comfortable footwear difficult, so we also carry a large variety of pressure reducing options that best suit your needs.

This is just a basic idea of what advanced foot care services encompass. So come visit us today to see how we can help you!

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