Government of Alberta, Ministry of Labour

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Alberta has 21 workforce Consultant’s (WFC) regionally across the province. WFC’s initiatives, develops and maintains relationships with employers, employer organizations and community stakeholder groups with eh objective to encourage, support and facilitate the attraction, development and retention of Alberta’s workforce. The WFC establishes connections with various local Ministry’s and external colleagues in the Government of Alberta and other jurisdictions, to foster innovation and development of strategies and actions that address regional employer workforce issues and challenges. Direction of work is determined by needs and demands of the ever-changing regional labour market. The WFC’s primary clients are employers and regional employer associations/organizations. WFC’s work in collaboration with stakeholders, the variety and size of assignments varies. Exploring the needs and challenges of local business; understanding, interpreting and responding to provincial labour market issues in demanding labour markets and being versatile enough to respond to changing labour market conditions including helping support the continued employment of people being downsized/laid off. Working with stakeholders, WFCs identify regional labour market issues, create strategies and implement project based and individual employer focused solutions.

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