Alberta Forest Alliance

Box 10046 River Valley PO
Whitecourt, Alberta
T7S 1W8

The Alberta Forest Alliance is a grassroots; volunteered based organization that represents local and regional businesses that deliver forest services to forest products companies around the province. Our members operate their business in many regions of Alberta including West Central, Grande Prairie, High Level, Manning and La Crete. In practical terms our members are the businesses that plan, analyze, harvest, haul, reforest and renew our forestlands.

Our members keep 2000 Albertans employed and have invested over $250 million in their capital-intensive businesses. Our community centred businesses sustain a large portion of many of the communities we operate from. Many of our members businesses are family based and generational and with that, offer stable long-term good paying jobs.

AFA members depend on well managed forests for their livelihood and care deeply about sustaining our forests and the wildlife they support.  But we also care about people and want decision makers to be aware that forest service jobs are endangered too.  Our organization will urge the Alberta government to achieve balanced strategies that place as much value on people as on other factors.

Contact Details
Phone: 780-779-7321