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Why become a Chamber Member?

By investing in your local Chamber of Commerce, you invest in your own prosperity – both as a business person and as a member of the community. You also gain the benefit of networking, promotion, advocacy and helping to grow our community.

More importantly, you are a member of a strong and diverse network that gives business a voice to all 3 levels of government: municipal, provincial and federal.

On a local (municipal) level Chamber of Commerce has regular contact with local elected officials. Our general meetings are faithfully attended by both Town and County Council members.

On the provincial and federal levels the Chamber of Commerce has influence on the policies our government passes. We are the national leader in public policy and advocacy on business issues.

Fee Schedule


Effective 2020


$5.00 GST
$105.00 per year

1 Employee

$6.00 GST
$126.00 per year

2-5 Employees

$7.30 GST
$153.30 per year

6-20 Employees

$11.00 GST
$231.00 per year

21-50 Employees

$21.95 GST
$460.95 per year

50+ Employees

$29.30 GST
$615.30 per year


Effective 2020

Platinum Member

$75.00 GST
$1575.00 per year

In addition to all of the benefits of our Basic Membership, Platinum Members will also receive:

  • A Complimentary Trade Fair Booth (Approximate Value $450)
  • 2 Complimentary Passes to our Annual Golf Tournament (Approximate Value $220)
  • Sponsorship at every Whitecourt Chamber event for 12 months (includes Economic Forum, Trade Fair, Christmas Promotion, Fall Fair, etc.)
  • Logo on all Whitecourt Chamber website pages

Member Benefits

There are many benefits to being a Chamber Member, from special rates and discounts for services throughout North America to seminars, meetings, tools and support for growing your business.

The Alberta Chamber of Commerce has partnered with many great companies to provide exclusive benefits available to its provincial chamber members.

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Group Health Insurance Plans for Chamber Members

Access to Canada's largest plan targeted to small-to-medium business.

Introduced in the early 1970s, Chambers Plan now provides coverage to over 30,000 firms like yours. Regardless of the size of your organization Chambers Plan can be customized to meet your needs, request a free quote today.


Your firm's rates will remain stable regardless of claims history. Your business is unique, so your business needs unique coverage. That is why a local Chambers Plan advisor administers your employee health benefits plan. A Chambers Plan advisor is a member of your community. Whether you want to add dental coverage, change or update, or simply ask a question your advisor is there for you.


Chambers Plan offers traditional coverage such as life, health, dental and disability, critical illness and so much more. Included at no cost is the Best Doctors® program, the Teladoc® telemedicine program and a Business Assistance Program. Visit our website today at to find out why Chambers Plan is Canada's #1 group health insurance plan for small firms.

All Whitecourt Chamber Members are added to our online Member Directory. Each listing allows members to promote their businesses through the Whitecourt Chamber website, helping locals find the products and services they are looking for and directing traffic to member websites and Facebook pages.

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Have an event or special offer you want to promote?

The Whitecourt Chamber of Commerce can help you build exposure through our Facebook page. Grow your Facebook audience and build your social networks!

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All Chamber Members are invited to attend our monthly meetings. Meetings typically take place on the second Wednesday of every month from 11:30am - 1:00pm. Meetings include a general update to the membership, what’s happening around town/events, round table discussion, government and community updates, and sometimes guest speakers.

Lunch is provided (FREE) and Members have a chance to network with other members. Members must RSVP to the Chamber Manager by the Friday prior to the next meeting date. Refer to the Events calendar for the latest meeting dates.

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This is an opportunity for all members to provide us with information on any sales, promotions or events they are holding and we fan out the information to the membership at large on a weekly basis.

The Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce hosts business mixers for its members throughout the year. Business Mixers offer Members the opportunity to network, promote their businesses and have fun!

Please visit us on Facebook or see our Events Calendar for the next Business Mixer event.

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By joining the Whitecourt Chamber of Commerce, you also become a member of the ACC (Alberta Chamber of Commerce) and the CCC (Canadian Chamber of Commerce).

Membership Application Form

Complete Online
Membership Application Form

Platinum Members

Platinum Members