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Who we are

The Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit action organization designed to meet the business needs of our community. It is a voluntary organization of progressive individuals and businesses that work together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of the Whitecourt and Woodlands County business community.

The Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst - a common vehicle mobilizing enlightened members from all segments of the business community to work together for the common good of the total community. With the aim of achieving economic success, staff, volunteers and business people strive to keep their areas economic conditions at a level where businesses and residents willingly and enthusiastically risk their capital in their community in the hope of making a profit. Everything else the Chamber does is a means to an end (special events, business mixers, fundraisers and meetings).

Our History

The Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce started in 1960 when the population of Whitecourt was one thousand. In 1980 we registered with the Canadian Board of Trade as a corporation named the Whitecourt and District Chamber of Commerce. In 2011 we became a Society through the Alberta Government Societies Act as the Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce.


Past Presidents

1959 John Stark
1960 John Volk
1961 Ed Zutz
1962 Byron Moore
1963 Russ Ennis, Helmut Kreiner
1964 Claude Gould
1965 Gerald Lundgren
1966 Allen Sulatycky
1967 Chuck Mason
1968 Brian Elko
1969 Bill Lambert
1970 Jim Robison
1971 Barry Wood
1972 Paddy Stratton Sr.
1973 John Kenlin
1974 John Berget

1975 Neil Charteris
1976 Brian Elko
1977 Brian Elko
1978 Brian Elko
1979 Ian Sinclair
1980 Rollie Wenger
1981 John Ablett
1982 Arnie Olexan
1983 Arnie Olexan
1984 Jason Karst
1985 Frankie Thornhill
1986 George VanderBurg
1987 Al McFarlane
1988 Al McFarlane
1989 Steve Wilcox
1990 Bill McPhee

1991 John Kenney
1992 Leo Zelinski
1993 George Horne
1994 Laverne Waters
1995 Bill Casemore
1996 John Barron
1997 Larry McConnell
1998 Larry McConnell
1999 Allan Palowich
2000 Linda Cassidy
2001 Janet Thomsen
2002 Janet Kuehn
2003 Janet Kuehn
2004 Janet Kuehn
2005 Dave Dunville & Dan Parker
2006 Leo Zelinski

2007 Deb Edney
2008 Marc Chayer
2009 Marc Chayer
2010 Gayle Mombourquette
2011 Gayle Mombourquette
2012 Neil Shewchuk
2013 Neil Shewchuk
2014 Neil Shewchuk
2015 Neil Shewchuk
2016 Rand Richards

The Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business.

President's Message

I would like to welcome our 2016 Board of Directors to our Chamber and are happy to see new faces on our executive and on our board. This is an exciting time to be President and I can see the vitality in every growing community like Whitecourt and the surrounding area. There are many established businesses that are stable and capable of riding out this economic slowdown.

If you have questions regarding our Chamber please feel free to call Michelle Jones at the office 780.778.5363 or email her at manager@whitecourtchamber.com or myself at rand@ralcomm.com

Rand Richards
2016-2018 President

Executive Board of Directors

Rand Richards - President & Chamber Promotions Director, Ralcomm Ltd.


President & Chamber Promotions Director
Ralcomm Ltd.
Paula Miller - Director of Membership, Staples Canada


Vice President
Staples Canada
Jody Collins - Director, Downtown Business, Eagle River Casino


Eagle River Casino
Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce


Past President & Economic Development & Tourism Director
XM 105
Michelle Jones - Chief Administrative Officer

Michelle JONES

Chief Administrative Officer

Manager's Message

As a long term resident of Whitecourt, I come to the Chamber with several years of community partnering experience in both a volunteer and employment capacity. In addition I owned a local small business for eight years, and feel that I have a clear understanding of the rewards and challenges businesses face, in our trading area.

Together with the Alberta and Canadian Chambers of Commerce, we form a well-recognized network of national leaders in public policy and advocacy of business issues. Working as one voice, we can influence government policies that in turn encourage business growth, create positive working environments and enhance the well-being of our business community as a whole.

The best way to understand what your Chamber is involved in is to attend the general meetings. Together we will continue to move the Whitecourt and District Chamber of Commerce forward innovatively and effectively. Please feel free to contact me at the Chamber office for any information you may require about our business community or any other business related issues.

Michelle Jones
Manager & Chief Administrative Officer




Servus Credit Union


CJ's Liquor Store
Photo Unavailable


Director, Education
Living Waters School Division
Amanda St. Pierre - Director, Primerica




Crawford Machinery

"Our Mission is to strive to promote and improve the Economic and Social Prosperity of Whitecourt & District."

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